Community Outreach Program

The community outreach performance is the most crucial part of our orchestra.  Our mission is to promote cultural diversity and community service through music performance.  We make effort to create opportunity for our members to perform in many local communities.   Members are required to perform in a variety of venues throughout Greater Boston areas.  In these concerts, you have a chance not only share Chinese music, but also a chance to give back to your community. We establish partnership with many local organizations that support cultural diversity and music education.

We play in a variety of venues, from retirement communities, nursing homes, to hospitals and rehabilitation centers, or  schools do not have music education.  At some of the nursing homes, we may experience that residents are more responsive than others.  However,  most facilities have residents who express enormous appreciation for your efforts and are visibly moved by the experience.  Other facilities focus on treating to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders.  At these facilities, some patients appear unresponsive, while others sing, clap, or talk loudly while we are performing.  Your goal as a performer is to reach as many of these patients with your music as possible, while ignoring the other distractions around you.  When we perform, it is important to try to make PERSONAL CONNECTIONS with the residents after the performance.  Speak to them…share the background/story behind the music with them…  thank them for listening…MAKE CONNECTION.  It will mean the world to the patient and residents, and it will be a special moment for you as well.

Orchestra members are expected to have solo or chamber music performance at least two times per year, in addition to two semi-annual concerts in a concert hall setting.  Location and time of performance will be outlined on our calendar of events for each season.   These performances usually take place Sunday  or over the school vocation time.  Given all our busy lives, it is hard for us to schedule outreach performances that fit perfectly with everyone’s schedule.  Please do your best to make yourself available and ready for such activities since the group will only be able to perform if everyone in this is able to play.  Many of these community performances are arranged six months prior your performance. It is usually difficult to reschedule any of these activities.   It is important that you make every effort to participate once you sign up for performance.